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July 05, 2015

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Review: The Astrologer`s Daughter by Rebecca Lim

 The Astrologer`s Daughter

Author: Rebecca Lim
Published On: July 9th, 2014
Page Count: 321
Synopsis (Found on Goodreads):
Avicenna Crowe’s mother, Joanne, is an astrologer with uncanny predictive powers and a history of being stalked. Now she is missing.
The police are called, but they’re not asking the right questions. Like why Joanne lied about her past, and what she saw in her stars that made her so afraid.
But Avicenna has inherited her mother’s gift. Finding an unlikely ally in the brooding Simon Thorn, she begins to piece together the mystery.

I DNF`d at 55% As interesting as it is it`s just not holding my attention
Overall: DNF (If I had continued my opinion is 1-2stars based on the plot concept)
                The reading of the future aspect was pretty interesting though.

Cover: 2.5/5 

   The spyglass makes this seem less of a fortune teller book and more of a murder mystery. So for me maybe something with stars and tarot cards would resonate the story line better.

Characters: 1/5
                Avicenna is such a whiny main character that it was hard to keep reading at first. The choices she makes are not ones I would have chosen.
                Joanne all-though not in sight plays a huge part of the story. I liked hearing about everything she predicted and how she worked. I feel like she was more of a rounded character than Avicenna.

Plot: 3/5
                Now this is where the rating really comes from. The mathematics of astrology are described in detail, which may interest some readers. The mysteries tended to be quite unique and interesting. Avicenna does not consider an astrologer like her mother, but she has absorbed much of her mother's knowledge, and also has the gift. However, when her mother disappears Avicenna is forced to follow in her mother’s footsteps to uncover the truth. 



July 04, 2015

Happy Fourth of July AKA Independence Day here in the USA

Happy 4th of July

I hope you have a lovely day with friends and family.


If you are here in Northern California please DO NOT use home fireworks. Go to a lake and see them we DO NOT want any fires in this horrible FIRE SEASON

Okay now that that's done :) Here is some awesome news

1) I`ve read 29/50 books with 2 almost finished.

2) When this posts it will be exactly 12 days till boyfriend and I fly to Texas. I am both excited (meeting his family) and nervous (hate flying).

3) I dyed my hair back to my normal bright blonde then added pink. To those that don`t know me I typically dye it red/pink during Christmas to remember my Nana who passed away. I was super sick during Christmas so didn`t do it.  

4) I turn 21 in 6months :) I think my excitement is more the fact I will be able to hang out out with my older friends again so they dont feel bad about not going out without me.

Well I hope everyone has a spectacular Weekend and please stay safe.

Here are my reviews from the past month:
1) The Pretty App by Katie Sise
2) Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier
3) Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone


June 27, 2015

Review: The Pretty App by Katie Sise

The Pretty App

Author: Katie Sise
Published On: April 14th, 2015
Page Count: 352

Synopsis: (Found on Goodreads)
Poor Blake Dawkins! She's rich, she's gorgeous, and she's the queen bee of Harrison High. The girls want to be her; the boys want to—okay, enough said. But it turns out Blake’s life is not so perfect—just talk to her dad, who constantly reminds her that she's not up to par, or to her ex-bff, Audrey, who doesn't even look her in the eye.
Then Harrison—and every other high school in America—becomes obsessed with posting selfies on the ubiquitous Pretty App.

Overall Rating: 5/5
Although not as techy as The Boyfriend App. This book is amazing. Would love to have seen more about Audrey's real beauty app. It's awesome to see Blake be who she wants to be. Leo was an interesting character and fit my ideal nerdy boy so that was a great addition.

Cover: 5/5 

I think the Boyfriend App and The Pretty App fit perfectly together. They are simplistic and cute. They offer just enough tech to make you know it’s an app as well as the font isn’t annoying.

Blake: Mean girl realizing she will no longer be the biggest fish in the sea after high school. I occasionally wanted to slap her but there was reason behind it. She is well written and in the end she learns and grows so much with Audrey’s help.
Audrey: Yay, geeky girl in the house again. She really steps up to the plate even when Blake is being a total bitch. I feel like Audrey really is relatable and almost stronger than Blake the MC. It might be because there was more backstory on her originally.  
Leo: I NEVER really liked him. I did understand him and got use to his presence but in reality I wanted him to be the complete bad guy that was just working the system.  

The 3-day reality TV show just wasn’t really doing it for me. Sise talks about a few tough subjects like Social media`s portrayal of women, cyber-bullying and gender identity. This wasn`t as techy as The Boyfriend App but I think where the real story comes in at about breaking the “norms” of high school and going out of your comfort zone is where this book really hits home.

page 159
"Not as techy as The Boyfriend App but it's nice to be back with amazing characters and hear more about Blake."


Here is my review to The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise

June 23, 2015

Top 5 Top Ten Tuesday Posts

Top 5 Top Ten Tuesday posts in the Past 5yrs

Happy Anniversary to Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday Meme

Here are my 5 favorite posts from when I participated in TTT.

       1)      If I had a Book Club:
        2)      2014 Road Trip in June books:
        3)      Recommend to a Friend:
       4)      I want as Movies/TV shows:
       5)      Characters who grow;


June 21, 2015


I am going to try and participate in the COYER event this year.

I joined the Facebook group and this is the schedule for the weeks
Monday Motivation: Tell us your goals for the week!
Teaser Tuesday: We’ll jump on with the Teaser Tuesday meme’s idea, give us a 1 to 2 sentence tease from your current read.
Who Are You? Wednesday: Pick a character from your current book that you’d like to be (or would hate to be).
Tag You’re It Thursday: We’ve moved it, but it’s the same! Take turns asking a question for the whole group!
TGIF!: Tell us how you did on your goals this week!

There will be 5 read-a-thons throughout the event.

Beach Party: Read books that take place on/near a beach or involve vacation. Runs July 18-24.
Campfire Reads: Read books that YOU consider scary. Runs August 1-7.
Happy B-day COYER: Read books whose title includes C, O, Y, E, & R. Runs August 15 – 21.
Dog Days of Summer: Read a book with an animal on the cover. Runs August 29 – September 4.
RedWhite, & Blue: Read something with red, white, blue on the cover or the words red, white, or blue in the title. Runs July 4-10.
There will also be Twitter Chats

Twitter parties are being held on: Saturday 6/27, Sunday 7/12, Saturday 7/25, Saturday 8/8, Sunday 8/23. Each one takes place at 4 PM EST.

My Goals:

This is my first time participating so my goals are going to be smaller so when I do accomplish them I will feel better.
         1)    Be active during at least 2 Twitter chats
         2)    Join in on 2 Read-a-thons (RW&B and Campfire)
         3)    Leave feedback for Netgalley books to get my rating to at least 56% (from 22%)
         4)    Listen to 2 audiobooks (Totally doable since I love them so much)

Last but not least….

Wish me luck


June 20, 2015

Review: Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier

Dream a Little Dream
Author: Kertsin Gier
Published On: April 14, 2015
Page Count: 322

Synopsis: (Found on goodreads)
Mysterious doors with lizard-head knobs. Talking stone statues. A crazy girl with a hatchet. Yes, Liv's dreams have been pretty weird lately. Especially the one where she's in a graveyard at night, watching four boys conduct dark magic rituals.

The strangest part is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream. They're classmates from her new school in London, the school where she's starting over because her mom has moved them to a new country (again).

Overall Rating: 5/5
Finished this in under 7 hours which was the start of an amazing book reading binge. This story is so descriptive and the story flows well. Out of Gier`s works I would have to say this one is my favorite.

Cover: 5/5

This cover is stunning. I am glad they did a cover change from the Netgalley original version. This one just matches the plot of the book perfectly. The colors pop and the items have significance in the book itself.

Characters: 4.5/5
Liv Silver: She is inquisitive and for me very relatable. She wants to solve problems and uncover hidden gems in life. Although sometimes her personality can get her in to some trouble she seems to finally have control of her life and what she (might) want to do.
Grayson Spencer: I am torn between Grayson and Henry as Liv`s love interest. Grayson is different and sometimes sulks about life but he has an interesting past and is learning to move forward. He looks out for Liv and doesn`t want to see her get hurt.
Henry Harper: He is super secretive and you never truly know what he is thinking. Although he is Liv`s bf I still feel like he has some super dark secrets that as readers we aren`t going to like. I hope to find out more about him in book 2 (please can it be here yet).
Secrecy: Is the name of the blogger of the school Tiddle-Taddle. S/He knows everything that is going on. Liv loves mysteries so she is trying to figure out who Secrecy is. I typically hate people like this that meddle in everyone’s lives and then gossip about it. Secrecy however I think understands what is “alright” to talk about- trivial things in a person life versus something that could truly hurt them.

Plot: 5/5
There is tons of witty banter between characters and then there is a little interesting dream exploration. Gier also used the idea of doors to other people’s dreams actually being doors. People can put locks and defenses on their doors to keep other’s out. This was a fun way to sort of get a look at what type of person they would be. Some were simple others were a little more tricky. There is some high school drama but most of it isn`t your typical teen angst. There is also a bit of a romance going on here, but it progresses slowly and is sweet and seems real.

                “Whether he`ll come by way of Oberammergau or by way of Unterammergau or whether he`ll come at all isn`t certain.”
Pg. 279
                “It`s in dreams more than anywhere else that you get to know people best-along with all their weaknesses and secrets.”



June 15, 2015

Review: Every Last Word by Tamera Ireland Stone

Every Last Word

Author: Tamera Ireland Stone
Published Date: June 16th, 2015
Page Count: 368

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

Synopsis: (Found on Goodreads)
Samantha McAllister looks just like the rest of the popular girls in her junior class. But hidden beneath the straightened hair and expertly applied makeup is a secret that her friends would never understand: Sam has Purely-Obsessional OCD and is consumed by a stream of dark thoughts and worries that she can't turn off.

Overall Rating: 5/5 (Would totally add more stars)
                I had the opportunity to read this out loud to my parents on our drive to see family for 10hrs. Maybe it’s because I was able to slow down and process more of the book because I was talking out loud but the emotions Every Last Word evokes is so strong and provoking. Highly recommend.

 Cover: 5/5
                I love the cover. It is so simple yet fits the plot of the book so well. The only thing that could be different is adding in a fry wrapper or something to represent the humor in the book as well. I also love that the title is said in the book. It makes it mean so much more.

Characters: 5/5
                Samantha: or Sam as she likes to be called during the summer is struggling to leave the safety net of “friends.” Her struggle with perfection and not being “crazy” is well written. Having OCD or Pure-O isn`t something that you want everyone to know about so her being to open up using poetry and making new friends shows such growth.
                AJ: He is shy in the hallways but if you give him a guitar and mic stand he sweats confidence. He teaches Sam about growing up and moving on. He stands by her even though they didn’t start out on the right foot. He keeps the key to Poet`s Corner and keeps the tradition of the room alive.
                Caroline: She is everything that Samantha is not. Brave and opinionated. I love that Caroline offers the best advice at just the right time. She makes it possible for those in need to make friends and find themselves. She is creative and funny and probably the perfect best friend.

Plot: 5/5
Stone writes such relatable characters and they experiences they have most teens have gone through. OCD is seen as not as serious so this sheds new light on an illness that some don’t know much about.
This isn`t just about OCD, its about moving on and realizing that having toxic people in your life isn’t healthy. That no one is ever going to be perfectly normal. Samantha grows so much in this novel.
Poet Corner, Freaking incredible. It sounds absolutely magical and whimsical and I could probably spend hours down there, reading every single poem pasted to the walls.
Social Media Reactions: Watch the panic of reading out loud to my parents occur in twitter and goodread updates.

Twitter Updates:
@tamaraistone @HyperionTeens reading #EveryLastWord out loud to parents on 10hr drive to Washington. 175 pages in and loving it. :)
@tamaraistone pg 245/355 reading out loud was a big awkward but we got past it. I'm feeling a crushing moment coming and I'm nervous.

@tamaraistone Oh My God... I just can't... My mom audibly gasped, my dad said "no fucking way" only 50pgs to go and I already want to reread

#EveryLastWord Last update. Finished in rest area and there were tears. Amazing story and I can't wait to pass it on. Thank you @tamaraistone

Goodreads updates:

page 228
"The swimming part. Oh Lordy. :) managed to read it straight faced outloud. I like AJ and I really don't want to see anything get messed up between Sam and Him. There is a sinking feeling that something will happen."
page 303
" Literally twitter has become this books journey. I'm just said it's over in 50pgs. Lots of feelings right now in the car"

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you read ELW yet? What outlets do you use to channel your feelings?




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